A clean and efficient world where sustainability is synonym of progress and abundance. A world where doing good for the business and doing good for the planet and people go hand in hand.


Assist our customers by using all existing technological knowledge to invent solutions for the Materials world leading to sustainable and profitable solutions.


We provide a facts driven Innovation Process organized in a 3 steps program focusing on the state of the art, concept development and technology implementation.
State of the art materials innovation

State of the Art

Do you have an idea for a new product in a new market or an improved product in an existing market? We help you defining your idea and understanding the new technology ecosystem where it will evolve.


  • Detailed problem definition
  • Analysis of domain specific materials / technologies / processes
  • Relevant patents and scientific papers
Concept development for materials innovation

Concept development

How can you go from an idea to a meaningful concept without re-inventing the wheel? We look at relevant solutions to your problem inside and outside your domain and extrapolate its evolutionary potential.


  • Relevant solutions in your domain
  • Relevant solutions outside your domain
  • New solutions to your problem
Top 10 implementation for materials innovation

Top 10 implementation

You have a concept but do not know where to start implementing? We select top 10 solutions, benchmark them against key market drivers and trends and propose an actionable action plan for a successful implementation.


  • Key drivers and players
  • Trends
  • Technology providers to contact to implement the top concepts

Sustainable materials

We provide a selection of inspiring ideas to help your company switching to the circular economy in different materials related sectors.

We are continuously gathering inspiring references on Materials Innovation to enable Breakthrough Sustainable Innovation.

Check soon our interactive Database at: www.materials-innovation.site


Our Approach consists in a mix of Creative People working with Fact Driven tools and Proven Methodologies.
Scientific creativity on materials innovation

Scientific Creativity

  • In-depth, hands-on knowledge in Materials, Metallurgy and Mining
  • Experience across several industries
  • Extensive expert partners network
Facts driven process on materials innovation

Facts Driven

  • Big Data approach to grasp ideas and inspiration from 100 million patents.
  • Proprietary database with several internal references to make quick connections between problems and existing solutions
Proven methods of materials innovation

Proven Methods

  • Proven methodologies: TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), Value Engineering, Root Cause Analysis, Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Wide network in the materials sectors including Mining, Recycling, Glass, Construction and Microelectronics industries that enables us to put you in contact with the right potential partners or customers when developing your idea


Jean Paul Gueneau de Mussy - CEO

As a multidisciplinary engineer, with almost 20 years of experience in Europe and Latin America, I am always looking to share and learn with colleagues and friends I have the chance to work with.

I particularly enjoy working with open and creative people with a wide range of backgrounds. By exchanging with engineers, designers,  sales to logistics people I always learn something new that is the key for solving a coming problem or an already existing one.

Materials-Innovation is a service platform where I expect to share, learn and help people to innovate with the aim to producing better, more efficient products and processes that make companies more profitable by saving the scarce resources we are left with today.

Our Partners

cap innove
Universidad de Conception

Our Customers

KU Leuven
EIT Raw Materials


Take Back Chemicals: Chemicals as a Service

Take Back Chemicals: Chemicals as a Service

What if we could benefit from chemicals’ functions while not being responsible of their handling and recycling? This is just what TaBaChem intends to do …
Renault: produces more with less

Renault: produces more with less

What if we could build more cars with less resources? This is what Renault has been pioneering with since 1995. …
Bonding Carpet Tiles without Chemical Glue

Bonding Carpet Tiles without Chemical Glue

What if we could bond surfaces together by using a mechanical option to the traditional chemical solution?


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