Take Back Chemicals: Chemicals as a Service


What if we could benefit from chemicals’ functions while not being responsible of their handling and recycling? This is just what TaBaChem intends to do with its “chemicals as a service” offering. The supplier is paid for the service provided and no longer for the quantity of substance consumed. In this way the supplier is encouraged to optimise the action of the substance and to treat it as economically as possible.


chemicals as a service

Business Opportunities:

  • Resources: by reusing existing materials the business is independent of commodity price variations
  • Cooperation: Smart collaboration with other players in the field protects from value loss generating extra profit. Finding complementary partners and shortening the value chain.

Sustainable Strategy

  • Migrate from the ownership to the user-ship economy. Models: pay as you go, leasing, sharing
  • Cooperation and transparency: biggest impact on the products lifecycle value