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Boosting Digital Collaboration

Spending long hours in front of screens during COVID dramatically reduces our creativity and agility. How to boost collaboration within R&D and Innovation teams while having fun?

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Getting scientists and engineers excited

Materials Innovation was requested to design and deliver a fully digital Science Creativity course for the Doctoral School at TU Freiberg in Germany. The main challenge that we faced was to deliver an engaging and interactive experience to researchers while working remotely due to COVID restrictions.

At the start of this journey we looked for inspiration in the SPRINT methodology developed by Google Ventures along with tools for digital collaboration and facilitation. After testing various formats, methods, tools and making a second iteration with researchers we came up with a refined process based on MIRO.


Boosting Science Creativity

During this journey participants had the chance to be challenged on the way they structured their research focusing on clarifying their own research question using the ladder of abstraction method. This opened their eyes to new insights and generated new perspectives they could explore straight away.

Creativity is known in the context of arts, but rarely seen in relation to engineering activities. This course is very relevant as it helps scientists and engineers to actually think ‘out of the box’.

Julia Dölling | Ph. D. in Aeronautical Engineering & Materials Science


Our methodology enables a very interactive peer to peer learning and creative collaboration. We structure scientific and technological datasets (patents, scientific papers, nature, deep internet search) into a digestable format enabling each participant to import solutions from far away domains, thus boosting innovation outputs.

Next Actions

We are currently designing all our trainings and workshops based on this refined, agile  & digital methodology.


Do you have a project in mind? Are you inspired by this methodology? Are you interested in contributing to this initiative? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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